Moringa School

Moringa School is inspiring students to learn to code to prepare them for the digital jobs of the future.

Moringa School is a really modern concept focussed on teaching students data science and software coding. There are some fabulous scholarships, some sponsored by international partners, but the whole focus of the school is to get more people into the digital jobs market. The teachers are passionate about setting up the students with the right skills to solve problems, rather than just setting them up to pass exams. It teaches students how to find the answers to challenges rather than focussing on imparting knowledge that is likely to become outdated very quickly.

Moringa School uses blended learning to help children advance at their own pace and to take ownership of their progression, allowing them to identify areas where they need support. The school was set up in 2014 directly aiming to close the skills gap between high school and an increasingly technological job market.

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