Burn Manufacturing

BURN develops affordable, energy-efficient, life-saving stoves.

The primary product, the Jikokoa (made from two Swahili words “jiko” stove and “okoa” money-saving) is an enormous step forward from the traditional three-stone fires used by the majority of sub-Saharan Africans.

Compared to traditional cooking methods, the Jikokoa uses approximately 50% less fuel due to the combustion chamber and chimney design (similar to a rocket stove). The efficient burn leads to much lower carbon monoxide, smoke and soot, making them safer for use in the home and in densely populated slums, where fire is a significant issue. The efficiency of the stove also significantly reduces the amount of charcoal that the families need to buy – meaning that the stove will pay for itself relatively quickly. The stoves even have a warrantee of 3 years for the combustion chamber, and they’ll be repaired and shipped back from one of 60 authorised repair shops.