Kwangu Kwako

Kwango Kwaku is improving safety and security in the slums of Kenya by creating an affordable fireproof housing construction method.

Kwangu Kwako’s mission is to enable access to safer, secure, dignified and affordable housing in unders-served communities. They are based in Nairobi and have developed a pre-fabricated concrete panel design which can quickly and efficiently create fire-proof, secure accommodation for families, schools and communities in the slums of Kenya (and beyond).

The organisation was founded in 2015 after the co-founders, Simon and Winnie, witnessed the devastating effect of a slum fire and wanted to make informal settlements a safer place to live and grow up.

The concrete panels are manufactured at their factory in Nairobi, providing a sustainable source of income for more Nairobians. The construction teams for each project are employed from the local community and are supervised by an experienced construction manager from the Kwangu Kwako team.

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