APOPO is an innovative organisation that trains African giant pouched rats to become HeroRATS that save lives by detecting deadly landmines and tuberculosis using their incredible sense of smell.

Founded in 1997, and now with its Headquarters and Training Facility in Morogoro, Tanzania, APOPO uses simple and effective methods to carefully train African giant pouched rats to detect landmines and tuberculosis (TB). It’s an exciting time for APOPO in the news, with Magawa the HeroRAT being awarded the PDSA Gold Medal in September 2020. I’ve popped some links to articles down below, check out this achievement!

I spent two whole weeks with the team so I got to learn lots about the work they all do, and the wonderful HeroRATs that make it all possible. Select which area you’d like to look at first.

Check out APOPO’s website here. You can sponsor Magawa the HeroRAT and get monthly updates about his incredible journey by signing up here.

Links to global news articles about Magawa – New York Times Article /// PDSA Article /// The Guardian Article /// BBC Article