15. TB Office and Full Cheek Friday

I had a little bit of time this morning to type up some more of the interviews I did in Nairobi before heading to the main office and then getting a lift from Kobe to the Apopo Morogoro TB lab. I had a really nice time interviewing Mica over a coffee and muffin and then she introduced me to Steven who is in charge of all the data for the TB lab.

Mica explaining the deviation spiral to me

I had such a good time talking to Steven and running queries on the data to find out the answers to lots of my rat TB detection questions. I love spreadsheets at the best of times but it was incredible to have access through Steven to find out things like how many new cases the rats detected from samples which had been given the all clear from the TB clinics in Dar es Salaam, and how many rats assessed each of the samples and how many spotted each new case. You can read more about these enquiries here. I watched some of the rats at work and the lab technicians double-checking samples that the rats had indicated as positive.

A rat examining TB samples in the laboratory

A lab technician examining slides of TB samples under a microscope

Time flew and we only just finished talking in time for me to grab a quick lunch at the sua staff canteen (chips with tomato sauce, pilipili and salad for 1,000Tsh) and then head back to the main office to watch the rats enjoy the spoils of their Full Cheek Friday treats. I went round with Ellie and Miriam who were handing out extra packets with treats in to some of the rats as part of an experiment with new foods for the rats.

A rat nibbling on a treat whilst sitting in his nest

Ellie feeding treats to two rats in a challenging package for them to extract treats from

I had more time to chat with Lily in the office who was putting together some material for International Animal Day (4 October) then it was hometime. The weather has been awful all day and so Lily gave me a lift home as she was collecting a cake she baked this afternoon ready for the schools Music Fundraiser tomorrow.

I joined a big group for Friday night dinner at Dragonaires. My bajaji got completely stuck in the mud a couple of times and I had to get out and push! The food was really good – I had calamari and then a pizza – leftovers for Saturday.
I took a taxi home and for some reason the guy had the windows open even though it’s raining fairly heavily. Made it! Glad to be heading to bed now.

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