6. 3D Printing Workshop for Kids

The first ever AB3D workshop was a really successful event! Michelle had been concerned that only one student had confirmed attendance but on Friday, two more students signed up and then on the day, we ended up with 5, which was a perfect sized group.

Riddick teaching children about 3D printing

Riddick introduced different manufacturing techniques to set the scene for 3D printing and why it can really add value. Michelle showed some useful videos and then we got the kids to search for parts that they’d like to print. We used Thingiverse, which is an excellent source for designs, though there are other options. The kids got lots of chances to ask questions about what kinds of things could be made using 3D printers and I helped them to work out which orientation was best to print each of the parts so that they could fit on the printer at the same time.

Riddick answers questions from a small class of children

It was a good workshop and the team did a nice job of keeping the children engaged. I suggested to Michelle that they could potentially run a Saturday morning course across a few weeks and that would allow the children to be taught how to create some simple 3D models and design their own printed parts.

A pair of children watching a 3D printer in action

I couldn’t believe how tired I was at the end of the workshop and I was really excited to head for a late lunch!
I took an Uber to Urban Eatery, which looked like a great dinner option last night (but I was so tired I just ate salad at the B&B!)
I had a delicious mocha and a papaya salad to start (it was really substantial so I decided to just chill out working on some planning for Tanzania until I was hungry enough for another dish!).

Tasty coffee and salad at the Urban Eatery

I had a lovely glass of rose wine for 400Tsh (£3.0 and then decided on a classic burger with caramelized onions and BBQ sauce. It was absolutely fantastic. I had such a good meal. And it was really early in the day to have dinner but my plan for tomorrow has so much uncertainty that I still don’t know if I’m flying to Dar es Salaam at 1pm or Mwanza at 8am!!
I’ve decided to book the flight to Mwanza for a variety of reasons. It puts me closer to OffGridBox projects in the North and I might be able to meet up with Jodie tomorrow (Monday) rather than travelling all day on a bus from Dar to another city inland. I spoke with Jodie about a plan for tomorrow and I’m going to make my way to a place called Bunda. So it’s an early night tonight as I’ve got a 5am alarm.

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