Meet Lena

Full name: Dr Lena Fiebig

From: Germany

Also lived in: Senegal, Guinea and Botswana before coming to work in Tanzania.

Studied: Veterinary medicine and epidemiology

Job: Head of TB Programme at APOPO.

Tell me more about your job?

I am the Head of TB Programme at APOPO. We have rat TB detection studies in Morogoro and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania as well as facilities in Mozambique and Ethiopia, with an average of 8 rats in each location.

How did you end up working at APOPO?

I’ve worked for APOPO for just over 2 years. I heard about the organisation at lots of TB conferences and managed to visit while I was on a trip to Maputo in Mozambique. I was really excited about the project and was telling my friends how much I’d like to work on it. After 6 months I stumbled across the Head of TB job advert online and applied. 

What alternative career might you have followed?

I’m in interested in languages. I learned French at school and I wondered if I might have enjoyed becoming a linguist.

What did you study?

I studied Veterinary medicine and epidemiology. I have always been interested in social impact and I wonder if my studies in epidemiology and veterinary medicine have been a greater entrance to working in social impact than studying a more directly relevant subject might have been.

Who is your favourite author?

My favourite author has always been James Herriot a British veterinary surgeon. He wrote fascinating stories that were partly about real events from his life as a vet and his most famous book is All Creatures Great and Small.

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