Celebrating Female Genius

I recently read an interesting book called Invisible Women that was recommended by a friend and fellow Churchill Fellow. The book makes a really good point about the word genius. In the english language there is nothing inherently gendered about the word “genius” and yet, when asked to think of a genius, the VAST majority of people have a male genius spring to mind. Nothing against male geniuses here but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating female genius.

Clicking on the images below will take you to articles (away from this site) about these heroines of modern science. I’ve also included a section for interesting articles and sites dedicated to celebrating female geniuses and would be glad to add more to the list if you drop me a line through blog comments.

Here are some links to some excellent articles and sites showcasing women in STEM

Stemettes – community showing the next generation that girls do STEM
What Is Biotechnology – women in healthcare and life sciences
She Thought It – profiles of women in sciences and the arts
Telegraph.co.uk – Female Mathematicians who Changed the World
Oxford University – Why we must champion Dorothy Hodkin for the £50 note

Link to the Millennium Mathematics Problems – a list of demanding mathematics problems which have not yet been solved. The challenges was launched in May 2000, with a $1 millon prize waiting for the discoverer(s) and so far, one of the seven problems has been solved.